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High Speed Internet
Digital Subscriber Line or DSL as popularly called is a new digital technology that brings high bandwidth to homes and small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) over the ordinary copper phone lines presently installed in your homes or offices. DSL technology is available in various flavors, collectively referred to as xDSL. It allows voice, video and data to be transmitted at very fast speeds, 20 or more times faster than an ordinary connection and many times faster than ISDN.

DSL provides fast Internet access, high bandwidth and speed, reliability, "always on" service and increased security. It comes into your house over phone lines.

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Xfinity : Comcast

High Speed Internet Service from XFINITY by Comcast : The largest Cable, Internet Phone service is reliable and offers many broadband access deals and solutions for your Home.

Verizon : DSL & Fios, Double Play & Triple Play

High Speed Internet Services Provider Verizon : Verizon broadband plans come packaged with home phone.

Hotwire Communications

New Upcoming provider : fast and reliable : Fision cable

Cox High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet Service Provider provides lightning speed broadband DSL, cheap digital phone service for your home and Business for broadband.

Mediacom Cable

Lightning Fast Internet, Mediacom has the perfect High Speed Internet for every online need.

Time Warner Cable

Enjoy the best deals on high-speed Internet provider ISP

Charter Communications

Get High-speed Internet with the fastest in-home WiFi.
Dial-up Internet access
Dial-up Internet access is a form of Internet access via telephone lines.[1] The user's computer or router uses an attached modem connected to a telephone line to dial into an Internet service provider's (ISP) node to establish a modem-to-modem link, which is then used to route Internet Protocol packets between the user's equipment and hosts on the Internet.

The term was coined during the early days of computer telecommunications when modems were needed to connect dumb terminals or computers running terminal emulator software to mainframes, minicomputers, online services and bulletin board systems via a telephone line.

One of the major advantages of DSL services are that you have a constant connection that is “always on”. No more dialing up. Plus you won’t tie up a phone line and you don’t have to get an expensive second line, or choose between using the phone or being on the computer.

To turn a telephone line into a DSL connection takes a little work. It may require special jacks and connections, or changes to your inside wiring. Your service provider may need to install new wire depending on the type of DSL flavor you choose. A DSL modem and an Ethernet card are also required for installation. Your service provider usually installs these components. However, you may be able to install these components yourself. Check with your service provider (ISP) in Arkansas.

Following are some of the general features offered by all DSL service providers in AR

  • Fast backbone connectivity
  • Full time Internet access
  • Unlimited access
  • Minimum 5 email accounts
  • Easy self install kit
  • Cost effective
  • Scaleable
  • First class support
  • Robust and reliable networking
  • 24x7 Network watch
  • Secure end to end connection

Internet Rates

When considering the rates for Internet access, many wonder if paying such a price is truly worth it. If you're looking at Internet providers and still unsure if Dialup, DSL, Cable or Satellite access is right for you, ask yourself the following:

  • Is my dialup services fast enough to access streaming video & music?
  • Could I use the Internet more if webpages and downloads moved at faster speeds?
  • Do I have to free up a phone line in order to connect to the web?
  • How long does it take to receive digital photos & large email attachments?
  • Could I work from home if I had a faster connection to my information?

Guidelines of Choosing a Dialup / DSL / Cable / Fiber internet provider.

  • Cost should be one of the major consideration, unless you are a new customer, for a new
  • customer national brandnames like AOL and MSN are better.
  • Be sure to check with your local telephone company to verify that an access number an
  • dialup isp has provided you is actually a local call for your area.
  • Do I have to free up a phone line in order to connect to the web?
  • How long does it take to receive digital photos & large email attachments?
  • Could I work from home if I had a faster connection to my information?

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