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High Speed Internet
Enjoy blazing-fast Internet for streaming movies, downloading music—no matter how you use your Internet. Fibre optic broadband is promising super fast speeds for all of your daily internet needs. Fibre optic allow for faster data transfer compared to the standard copper wires which are used in regular broadband connections. Fiber to the home is commonly referred to is the gold standard of residential internet connections. The actual service depends on the company providing the broadband service, but in most cases fiber is the best bang for the buck.
Fibre broadband service can deliver significantly faster download speeds than conventional broadband services like ADSL and ADSL2+.

A critical issue with fibre optic broadband is availability, although this is increasing steadily.

Conventional broadband connection uses copper cables all the way from the exchange.

The latest deployments by Verizon FiOS and Google Fiber are capable of reaching speeds of 1gbps and more.

The biggest benefit of fiber optic cables is that it can offer much faster speeds over much longer distances than traditional technologies like DSL and cable.

Installing a new fiber optic network is a expensive proportion for service providers. However, as the cost to maintain aging telephone line increases over time, more and more will choose to upgrade to fiber if not purely for financial reasons.

Google Fiber

Super fast downloads. TV like no other. And endless possibilities.
Available inAtlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Huntsville, Kansas City, Louisville, Nashville, San Diego, Orange County, Provo, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Francisco Miami, Oakland, The Triangle, Dallas, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Portland, Tampa, San Jose

Your home phone. On Google Fiber.
Get unlimited local and nationwide calling and affordable international rates.

Verizon Fios Internet, TV, Phone

Save with the Verizon Fios lighting fast internet speeds, TV and phone bundles.

AT&T Fiber : Make High Speed Internet Even Faster

AT&T Fiber offers faster Internet speeds with no pauses, buffering, or stuttering. Get High Speed Internet from AT&T that is 20x faster than average.

Hotwire Communications

Hotwire Communications is one of the nation’s leading fiber optics telecommunications providers specializing in multi-family communities.

CenturyLink Fiber

Get fast CenturyLink Internet service today!

Frontier FiOS Internet & TV

Frontier offers FiOS Internet, TV, and Phone in areas of California, Texas, and Florida.

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