Satellite Internet Service

No DSL or cable Internet available? Get High Speed Satellite Internet service with Nationwide availability.
High Speed Satellite Internet Service is the answer for consumers and businesses that want a high speed Internet connection but unfortunately live outside the area of local DSL and cable providers. Cable and DSL Internet are much cheaper, easier to set up, and often won't require the service commitment that's typically involved in ordering Satellite service. If satellite is your only option for high speed Internet, then you'll need to be prepared for some upfront costs in terms of installation and satellite equipment. Some Offers comes with Free after Rebate Offers.
Satellite Internet service provides you with a broadband connection that is much faster than dialup. Currently, most satelite ISPs offer their customers download speeds ranging anywhere from 768 Kbps up to 5.0 Mbps, which is very comparable to a standard DSL connection for the home or small office.

If you live in a remote region or new development and there just isn't cable or DSL access available to your home, then Satellite is going to be your best (any probably only) option for getting high speed Internet.

While satellite access will usually be more expensive to get then either cable or DSL, the level of service is just as good. The speed of satellite Internet is comparable to other high speed Internet services, and just like DSL and cable, its always on.

Satellite Equipment

The connection to your high speed satellite Internet service is comprised of both indoor and outdoor equipment. Outside, there is an antenna and transmit-and-receive electronics, along with a connection to a small, unobtrusive dish. This equipment connects by coaxial cable to the Indoor Receive Unit (IRU) and Indoor Transmit Unit (ITU) which connect to your computer through a simple USB connector.

If your geographical area has been overlooked by DSL and Cable providers, go outside and look to the south...if you have a clear view of the southern sky, then you can most likely get high speed satellite Internet service! If you are ready to move up from a regular dialup connection to high speed Internet access, then let us help you locate & compare various satellite broadband Internet providers.

When considering the price for Internet access, many wonder if paying such a price is truly worth it. If you're looking at Internet providers and still unsure if DSL, Cable or Satellite access is right for you, ask yourself the following:

  • Is my dial up service fast enough to access streaming video & music?
  • Could I use the Internet more if webpages and downloads moved at faster speeds?
  • Do I have to free up a phone line in order to connect to the web?
  • How long does it take to receive digital photos & large email attachments?
  • Could I work from home if I had a faster connection to my information?
Time is money! And using faster Internet access will save you more than enough of your time to justify its cost. However, there are still many pitfalls & problems to avoid when choosing between different hispeed Internet access and the different types of connections currently available.

HughesNet is available everywhere –even where cable Internet and DSL don't reach. HughesNet offers a suite of connectivity solutions for your home, business, or enterprise, with download speeds ranging from 1.0 Mbps to 5.0 Mbps.

WildBlue offers you high-speed Internet access via satellite to almost every corner of the U.S.! Imagine "always on," lightning fast connections to the Internet. No more dialing in. No more delays. No more wondering if high-speed Internet will arrive in your town.

Wireless satellite ISP services are a great way to extend the reach of your local area network. Learn how satellite backbone service and WIFI technology can work together to provide cost effective end-to-end communications solutions even in the most remote areas of the world.

Cheap DSL Service Providers

Many people go with broadband services like DSL Internet because it is so much faster than dialup access. However, it is also generally more expensive, so browse our DSL provider listings to find discounts & deals. Compatible OS : Windows PC, Apple MAC, linux Lindows, WebTV, Wireless / Smart phones, PDA

Discount Cable Internet Service

Although there are many cable companies that offer cable Internet access, most locations only have one company available in the area. However, you can still save by getting the best deal from your cable provider with the discount cable ISP offers.

Satellite Internet Service

A high speed Internet alternative to cable and DSL is satellite Internet. Satellite is often not as fast and costs more than other broad band solutions, so it is usually the best option only when cable and DSL are not available.

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